Garment Care for Menswear

We proved top quality garment care for both men and women. Islip Cleaners insures the proper care of a gentleman’s wardrobe. Our professionals use the latest equipment that provides superior garment cleaning and pressing. Shirts from Islip Cleaners will be returned to you on hangers or folded.

Your suit cleaning needs are given the utmost care and attention. Delicate buttons are removed prior to cleaning and hand-sewn back on afterwards. Your suit is then hand-pressed to make it look brand new again. Islip Cleaners’ delicate cleaning process prevents wear and tear while extending the longevity of your best suits.

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Garment Care for Womenswear

Our staff’s attention to detail and dedication to garment care makes the process at Islip Cleaners extremely unique. For women’s garments with delicate beadwork or embroidery, we use different cleaning methods to give you the best results. Detailed attention and flawless finishing is guaranteed. Our quality garment care process ensures that each piece checked and rechecked. Every single detail in cleaning a woman’s wardrobe requires a level of care beyond the detail of cleaning of a gentleman’s shirt.

Every garment brought through the door at Islip Cleaners is evaluated by our staff and discussed with you to ensure the most appropriate cleaning method is chosen. In some cases, your garment will be entirely hand cleaned if it is deemed too risky or delicate to be cleaned otherwise. Visit Islip Cleaners today for the garment care of your dreams.

Dry Cleaning Garments

Every item receives individual attention with our garment care service. We inspect for stains. Each stain requires a different treatment. We choose the right cleaning method for each item. For garments with delicate beadwork or embroidery, we combine different cleaning methods to give you the best possible results. Detailed attention and flawless finishing is guaranteed. Key areas of each garment are checked to make sure you always look your best.

To ensure that the finished product suits you perfectly, discover our tailoring services. Get custom fit today with our expert tailors.

Shirt Laundering

Your shirts are treated like royalty from the moment you drop them off at our garment care service. We identify and remove stains from your favorite shirts. Our trained stain removal expert has years of experience and the best products available to remove even the most stubborn stains. We can help “save” your favorite shirt from the trash.

All shirts and blouses are gently washed and machine or hand pressed with the level of starch you request. The finished shirts are closely inspected for broken buttons which are replaced with matching thread free of charge. Each collar is supported with plastic butterflies to prevent drooping and French cuffs are folded down and clipped.

Wash & Fold

At Islip Cleaners we take pride in the laundering of your personal and household items including bed linens, table linens, towels and similar items. Every step of our garment care services ensure that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned and packaged.

We want you to feel confident in freshly cleaned clothing. Why deal with the hassle of laundry when you can have our professional cleaners do it for you? We take all precautions, including separating white and colored clothes before washing. You can literally “take a load off.” We neatly fold and package your items for easy pick up for your convenience.