Table Linens

Here at Islip Cleaners in Islip, Long Island, as part of our well-rounded cleaning services, we offer an expert service for cleaning fine linen. Your fine linens are first soaked in a specially formulated detergent to get out those stubborn stains and then gently cleaned to remove everything from food stains to candle wax. The linens are then hand and machine finished, and presented to you folded on hangers. You will certainly feel and see the difference in these crisp and clean linens. We use gentle cleaning and painstaking finishing methods to provide beautiful results.

Remember our motto: “If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.” For additional questions or concerns, contact our store today.

Area Rugs

At Islip Cleaners, we are fully aware of how important rugs are to the look of your home. We also know that our customers often do not have the time or the know-how to attempt to safely and properly clean their rugs on a regular basis. They need a trusted local cleaning service to do the job for them and do it right. We take great pride in cleaning and restoring your rugs to their former beauty and we believe we are Long Island’s best!

Our gentle process will ensure that your investment will look great for years to come. Our rug department cleans everything from small mats to your larger, treasured Oriental rugs. As an added service, we also repair and re-fringe many different types of rugs and carpets.

We’re proud to offer a range of services. Explore them all now!

Dry Clean Bedding

Think of us as your local go-to for all types of laundering services, especially dry cleaning bedding. Our experts here at Islip Cleaners in Islip, Long Island know how tough the cleaning of your machine-washable bedspreads, blankets, quilts, pillow covers, sheets and bed skirts can be. They are not only tough on you, but tough on residential washing machines as well.

We take care of those washable items, as well as duvet covers, sleeping bags and more. As your local cleaning service, we also offer specialized cleaning of your non-washable quilts, down comforters, bedspreads, blankets, and similar items. We dry clean bedding ranging in all styles, fabrics and sizes. Our experts here will determine the best cleaning process for each item and return them in pristine condition.

While you can machine wash fiber-filled pillows, or just replace them regularly, feather and down pillows need special cleaning. At Islip Cleaners we know that feather and down pillows are not inexpensive and have perfected a safe and successful method of cleaning them. We do Standard, Queen and King-sized pillows alike. With our high tech equipment, the pillows are thoroughly cleaned without removing the feather. If needed or wanted, new feathers can be added at this time.