Seasonal Wardrobe Service

Who doesn’t need more closet space or extra storage? At Islip Cleaning, we think most people do, especially for out of season clothes. As part of our Specialty Services, at the end of each season we will clean and then store your garments in a secure, climate-controlled vault. Instant extra storage space without doing a thing! Cleaning clothes before storage protects your investment by making sure they’re free of moths and other insects as well as dirt and stains. Just call us for our free pickup, or simply drop your clothing off at Islip Cleaners in person at the end of the season. When ready for your garments, call to schedule delivery or to arrange for pickup of the coming season’s cleaned and ready-to-wear clothing.


Professionals should always handle the cleaning of silk ties; otherwise, one mistake could ruin your valuable accessory. Most stains on ties cannot be removed with water alone, and the act of rubbing with your napkin may cause unrepairable damage to the fabric of your tie. Let Islip Cleaners handle your tie cleaning needs. Whether the culprit is spilled wine from a celebratory dinner or a stain from an everyday messy routine, we will ensure your ties are restored spotlessly.


As part of our Specialty Services, we use custom cleaning and stain-removal processes to clean and detail leather, suede, and fabric handbags. A well-used leather, suede or fabric handbag will often show signs of wear and tear or have a stain. Our in-house experts carefully evaluate and test each piece to determine the best cleaning method. Your handbag will come out looking clean and refurbished.

Ugg Boots

As part of our Specialty Services, we use custom cleaning and stain-removal processes to clean and detail leather and suede boots. UGG boots are warm and comfortable but the lovely suede can easily stain or get dirty. Our in-house experts carefully evaluate and test each piece to determine the best cleaning method. Your boots will come out looking clean and refurbished.


Couture garments will benefit from our meticulous care and attention, supported by the most advanced technology available. Our expert team will consider the material, construction and detailing of each garment before recommending the most appropriate treatment. Each garment is carefully examined prior to being cleaned, with buttons or ornamental elements removed where necessary. Whether your garment requires dry-cleaning, laundering or hand washing treatment, we have the gentlest technologies at our disposal to carefully clean your couture item. After your garments are expertly cleaned they are thoroughly inspected and packaged with the utmost care. You’ve invested a lot in your wardrobe, let Islip Cleaners keep it at its original quality.

Leather & Suede

The thorough cleaning of any item that is tailored from leather, suede, pigskin or sheepskin demands the knowledge of a specialist. Our technicians inspect each garment before selecting the most appropriate procedure, be it traditional methods or advanced technology. Your suede and leather apparel will feel as good as new. Our services for these garments include cleaning, dyeing, and repairing of rips, tears, torn linings, and broken zippers. We take careful measures to retain the original state of your suede and leather during cleaning, and hand finish to ensure optimum results that will keep your items looking their best and lasting for generations.

Fur Cleaning

A fur that’s properly cared for can easily last a lifetime. Islip Cleaner’s specialized resources are able to provide the most thorough cleaning and glazing methods to keep your furs vibrant and healthy. The heat of summer in non-air-conditioned closets will start to dry out the skins of your precious fur items, causing them to become dry and brittle. Fur that is cleaned annually and kept out of the heat during the summer will last much longer than those fur items that are not.

The first part of our cleaning process involves a light tumbling and vacuuming to safely remove dust and dirt. The glazing procedure keeps your fur’s natural oils from drying out. Our storage methods will also keep your garments in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment, where they will remain fresh until you decide to use them again.

Mascot Cleaning

Is your mascot looking a bit rough around the edges, perhaps a little worn down and tired? Islip Cleaners of Islip, Long Island, offers cleaning services specifically for your mascot. After a major event or at the end of your season, send us your mascot. Your mascot costume will receive individual, professional attention the minute it reaches our facility. All costumes are inspected upon arrival. We will then clean and freshen it inside and out, to make it ready for your next event. You will be notified about any parts and/or additional repairs necessary to have your costume looking fresh and top notch!

If you would like, Islip Cleaners will also properly store your mascot for you (instead of it staying in the trunk of your car), to protect it from dust, moisture or other damage. We can help keep your mascot looking like new!